Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University

TRU is a unique combination of traditional degree programs, many allowing diploma and certificate program graduates access through laddering, along with flexible degree completion through distance education as the BC Centre for Open Learning. TRU is a Different Kind of University offering over 70 certificate and diplomas plus undergraduate and master degrees. You’ll learn in classrooms, labs, the field and in the community.

At TRU certificate credentials transfer into diplomas, which can be applied to bachelor’s degrees. We call it ‘laddering’. By combining the flexibility of laddering with the 400 courses available through distance and Open Learning, you really can have post-secondary education your way at Thompson Rivers University.

TRU is located right in the heart of Kamloops, a city of over 80,000, at the centre of the southern Interior of BC. Shopping, housing, entertainment and even the province’s largest municipal park are just a couple of blocks away. Whether you live on campus or ride a city bus with your U-Pass, everything you want and need as a student is right here.

Superb summers, four dramatic seasons, sports and outdoor recreation, and a diversity of cultural activity that few small cities can match are among the attractions of Kamloops.


What began in 1970 as a community college to deliver career-technical and two-year academic university transfer programs during the provinces’ initial expansion of post-secondary education, Thompson Rivers University is now British Columbia’s newest university.

The logo of Thompson Rivers University is a combined shield and logotype, with strict rules on how they are to appear together. The shield is composed of a sunrise/sunset that’s representative of the Kamloops region, where we average over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually, and of the rising sun of enlightenment traditionally associated with higher education. The mountains in the shield are indicative of the terrain of the region, strategically located between the Coast and Rocky Mountain ranges. The lines flowing from the mountains symbolize the rivers of our region, the North and South Thompson that merge into one, Thompson River. It’s also a reference to the joining of the two institutions, UCC and BC Open Learning that are now Thompson Rivers University. The colours, sage green and royal blue, reflect both the natural terrain of the area and the new boldness indicative of this institution.

Student Housing

Athletics and Recreation

Throughout the school year, TRU Recreation plans, organizes, and implements a variety of fun-filled activities for both the staff and students of TRU. This year is going to be exciting, as a number of new and thrilling activities have been incorporated into the Recreation/Intramural Programs.

Getting involved in Recreational Activities and Intramural Sports is a great way to make your school year memorable! By participating in these events, you will have fun, meet new friends, and face new challenges! Intramural sports currently at TRU include volleyball, basketball, soccer, and floor hockey.

Drop by the gymnasium for more information, or to pick up registration forms. All individual/ team registrations and fees must be submitted PRIOR to participating in any of the Recreation and/or Intramural events. The fees and registration forms may be dropped off at the concession in the TRU gymnasium or dropped in the Intramural registration box located in the gymnasium.

The X-Campus Radio

CFBX is a campus-based community station, and as such, it generally adheres to the policies, ideas and ideals of other campus stations, coast to coast. To make a long story short, CFBX is an alternative radio station that specializes in local programming and offers music and spoken-word shows that are normally not heard on private stations. We offer programming that ranges from classical to industrial, with plenty of international and unique shows added to the mix. We cater to an audience and to groups presently not served by commercial radio. We avoid the mainstream at all cost, and even our diverse rock programming will stay away from the hits and familiar acts. We strive to be informative and entertaining, but “weird and wonderful” is as applicable to our sound as anything else you can think of.

Student Clubs

Every year the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union helps hundreds of students join, create, and organize the dozens of clubs that exist on campus. Recognized clubs at TRU are supported by the Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union through access to meeting room facilities, photocopying services, and event funding. Clubs organize great student activities, promote student success, and help students connect with other students in their area of interest. Joining or forming a club also allows students to gain experience by organizing campus events, participating in on- and off-campus activities, and making valuable contacts in their field of study or area of interest.

Joining or forming a club through the Students’ Union is easy. An updated list of active clubs with contact information is available below or at the TRUSU front desk. Students interested in joining a club can get a hold of the club’s contact and are encouraged to participate in club meetings and events. As well, if you are interested in forming a club, packages are available from the TRUSU front desk. Please be advised that all clubs wishing to access TRUSU Grants funding, book meeting room facilities, and/or use photocopying services are required to adhere to the Clubs Policy, which is included in the clubs package. For more information please stop by the TRUSU front desk.

Clubs promote campus life by organizing exciting activities, engaging students in their area of interest, and provide a place for like-minded individuals to meet and share ideas. Since its foundation, TRUSU has worked to ensure that clubs have all the resources they need to function effectively. Every year, students get excited to see what new clubs are formed on campus – so have fun and be sure that this year you join or start a club!

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