University of Northern British Columbia

University of Northern British Columbia

The University of Northern British Columbia is one of Canada’s best small universities. With a core campus in Prince George and regional campuses throughout northern BC, UNBC recognizes the importance of quality teaching, personal attention, ground-breaking research, and being relevant to the North.

UNBC aspires to be Canada’s premier small, research-intensive university, with internationally recognized academic and research programs that prepare its graduates in select areas of high relevance to our region, province, and beyond.

Quality Teaching

The delivery of academic programs and the creation of a positive learning environment matter at UNBC. “How we teach” and “what we teach” have a direct effect on students. The student experience is enhanced by opportunities for hands-on learning, international perspectives, a focus on student outcomes, instruction enriched by innovative research, the use of appropriate technology, and approaches to learning that are informed by multiple perspectives.

Classes at UNBC include practical sessions in advanced laboratories, field schools throughout northern BC, week-long intensive courses for students who may otherwise work full-time, web courses for ultimate flexibility, seminars in small groups, and lectures in state-of-the-art theatres.

Athletics and Recreation

UNBC Northern Timberwolves Athletics supports an environment that is committed to each student-athlete’s pursuit of national and international standards of performance. The department supports each student-athlete’s education and promotes academic performance and competitive athletics as learning experiences in the development of responsible and productive citizens. The department exemplifies the highest integrity and helps to foster a positive public profile for the University.

The Athletics Program involves both Varsity (BC intercollegiate) and Junior Varsity (local league) teams. The Varsity Northern Timberwolves Basketball teams are in their fourth year of competition in the BCCAA. The Junior Varsity Timberwolves includes Nordic Skiing, Men’s Hockey and Men’s and Women’s Soccer. They compete in a number of local leagues and out-of-town competitions.

Let the fun begin! Stop by the Fitness Centre and explore the numerous activities we offer: three squash courts, a racquetball court, a full weight room, cardio equipment, an exercise/studio room, aerobics, beach volleyball in the summer, an ice rink in the winter and much more! Play in one of our intramural leagues, take a recreation class, or pick up our activity brochure. The common denominator for all our events is fun and participation.

UNBC Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre is a new department at the University of Northern British Columbia. In the past year, three different wellness-related areas were brought together to create the Wellness Centre: Counselling Services, Health Services and Wellness Programs. The Wellness Centre team seeks to support UNBC students in achieving their academic goals by providing opportunities to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle through the provision of training, events, information and professional helping services.

Professional counsellors provide a confidential and discrete atmosphere in which students can discuss any topic or situation of concern. Professional counsellors are trained to help you make real and lasting changes in your life. Students can obtain a full range of counselling services from education and support to psychotherapy and psychiatry.

  • Individual and Group Personal Counselling
  • Individual Career Counselling
  • Crisis Response
  • Psychiatric Clinic
  • Consultation Workshops and Training.

The staff at Health Services are committed to providing support for students around health issues; managing short and longer term illness or health problems, managing healthy lifestyles, identifying other health resources according to need. Some of the services provided through Health Services include:

  • Nurse Services
  • Physician Clinics
  • Diabetes Needle Drop Off
  • Health Assessment Clinics
  • Infectious Disease Clinics
  • Health Education.

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