Brandon University

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Brandon University

Brandon University is Manitoba’s third largest university. It is based in Brandon, Manitoba. The University is a co-educational, non-denominational, government-supported institution within the Province of Manitoba. It is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).

Brandon University’s mission is to shape the whole person and enable students to make a positive difference as citizens and leaders. In a welcoming and supportive setting, the University emphasizes research, scholarship, critical thinking, performance, artistic creation, communication and participation, as a means of imparting value and meaning to society and contributing to the public good. The University nurtures and develops excellence in its programs, attracts an outstanding faculty, defends academic freedom, preserves knowledge, and sustains a scholarly community where cultural differences are valued. The University strives to complement its primary mission of teaching and research by sharing the expertise of its staff, its information resources, and its facilities with the greater community.

Student Residences

Studies at many universities and colleges have clearly shown that students who live in residence receive a tremendous advantage over those who live in off-campus apartments or basement suites. A student’s education is enhanced by living in residence. Residence students have greater social confidence, establish more relationships with senior students, faculty and staff, tend to complete their education, get better marks, and become more actively involved with social and educational extra-curricular activities. To assist BU residence students with their academic needs, an Academic Residence Assistant (ARA) is employed by the Residence Office.

Res@BU offers the ultimate in convenience and services:

  • Fully furnished, well-equipped rooms
  • Balanced diet through our meal plan
  • No utilities to pay, easy to budget costs
  • Organized social, athletic, & educational events
  • Weight rooms in McMaster & Darrach Halls
  • Residence Hall games room/ TV lounges
  • Residence Hall study rooms
  • Music practice room with piano
  • Laundry facilities
  • Internet, cable, fridge & TV rentals
  • Residence parking available
  • Enthusiastic Residence Assistants & Council Member.

Our residence complex is composed of three residence buildings joined by glass enclosed walkways to the Main Dining Room, the Brodie Science Building, Campus Books, Headlines Hair Salon and the Knowles Douglas Student Union Centre. McMaster Hall is co-ed, Flora Cowan Hall is for women only, and Darrach Hall is for men only. The majority of our rooms are double occupancy. You may choose your own roommate, or be assigned one who shares similar interests with you. You may choose to live on an “Academic Floor” (very quiet), a “Quiet Floor” (fairly quiet during the daytime, very quiet at night), or a “Regular Activity Floor” (just don’t bother your neighbors!)

There’s much more to residence than convenience and economy: it’s an incredible opportunity to meet hundreds of new people, participate in a myriad of new activities, develop valuable new skills and experience new, exciting things: all while enjoying campus life in a way not available to non-residents.

Student Services

In order to address the unique needs of students, Student Services assists students in their intellectual, vocational, personal and social development.Various services such as counselling and learning skills are made available to students requiring assistance.

The Academic Skills Centre offers a broad range of academic support services to assist students. The Centre’s primary goal is to help students become more efficient learners, equipped with greater confidence, motivation and skill. Students are encouraged to access the Centre’s services through either individual appointments designed to address specific learning issues or group workshops that deal with some of the most common learning issues facing students.

The Academic Skills centre offers assistance through three related offices:

Many students are uncertain what to major in. They don’t know how to select their focus from among the wide variety of options. Other students wonder where a given major may lead. They wonder what their future will be like if they choose a particular path.

Our counsellors work with career-concerned students using a wide variety of resources. Our excellent stocked Career Resource Centre has all the information students need to make sound career decisions.

The Career Planning and Placement Office provides the following services to students:

  • Employment opportunities are posted across campus, including the “Jobs Board” located in Student Services. The “Jobs Board” posts information, received daily, about part-time, summer and permanent employment as well as volunteer opportunities.
  • Workshops are scheduled on writing résumés and cover letters, on interviewing and job search techniques, and in Internet job search skills.
  • Employer Information sessions
  • On-campus recruitment
  • Career Fairs and other opportunities to meet potential employers.
  • Student and graduate employment referral service.

Student Life

At Brandon University, you will find an extensive range of facilities and services to help your intellectual, vocational, personal and social development. A successful university education depends on far more than a well-stocked library. Some of the student organizations that you can get involved in include:

  • Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship
  • Brandon University Anthropological Society
  • Brandon University Computer Science Club
  • Brandon University Chinese Students’ and Scholars’ Association
  • Brandon University Politics Club
  • Brandon University Zoological Society
  • Disaster and Emergency Student Society
  • World University Service Canada
  • Brandon University Students’ Union.

Campus Recreation

BU Campus Recreation encourages, promotes, and develops active living, healthy lifestyles, and personal growth.

The Campus Recreation / Intramural Program supports the “open” recreation system that allows participants to register for activities either individually or as a team. The appropriate entry form (individual and/or team), which is available from the Campus Recreation / Intramural Bulletin Board, located in the main foyer of the Gymnasium, must be filled out in its entirety prior to the captains’ meeting. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted. Participants who sign up individually will be placed on teams. If you are interested in an activity, and it is not scheduled, please contact the Campus Recreation office to make arrangements to add the activity to the schedule.

Most equipment is available for use in campus recreation programs with a valid I.D. card, which must remain with the Equipment Room personnel until the equipment is returned. Other equipment, such as, canoes, snowshoes, cross-country skis, and so forth, require a rental charge and damage deposit. Locks and lockers are available for rent and towel service is available. Any arrangements for use of equipment outside of regularly scheduled classes or campus recreation programs must have written approval from the Campus Recreation Director. Deposits are required for most equipment rental and any damages that may occur are deducted from the deposit. Individuals or agencies external to the university must receive written permission from the Campus Recreation Director for any use of equipment.

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