University of Manitoba

Administration Building (Photo: James Teterenko)

University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is the province’s largest university and has over twenty faculties for you to explore. But it’s not just about size, it’s about options.

The U of M offers more academic programs, support for students, campus services, scholarships, bursaries, student groups and social networks than any post secondary institution in the province. And that means more opportunities to turn a great education into an amazing career. In a typical year, the university has an enrollment of over 26,000 students – 22,500 undergraduate and 3,500 graduate. The University of Manitoba offers the largest selection of degree programs, including professional and graduate programs, of any university in the province. In all, more than 90 degree programs are offered, over 60 at the undergraduate level. The University of Manitoba is also home to a wide range of research centres and institutes, and Smartpark Research and Technology Park, a community of innovators that forges collaborations between university and industry.


The University of Manitoba is Western Canada’s first university, founded on February 28, 1877 just seven years after the province of Manitoba and only four years after the City of Winnipeg.

At the time, Manitoba was a small postage stamp province, Winnipeg was hardly more than a town and the University of Manitoba was a university in name only, created to confer degrees on students graduating from its three founding colleges – St. Boniface College, St. John’s College, and Manitoba College.

The University of Manitoba’s student population has continued to grow in diversity with close to 10 per cent of the population now composed of International Students, allowing the University of Manitoba to say it truly is part of the global community.

In 1999 the university launched Smartpark, a 100-acre research and technology park at the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry Campus. The park now hosts over 1,000 employees, many who are co-op students and graduates of the university. Smartpark serves as a bridge between basic research and industry, facilitating collaboration between the university and more than 30 research-oriented companies now residing in the park.

Building on Strengths: Campaign for the University of Manitoba, completed in 2004, raised $237 million to bolster student supports at the university and has had a tangible impact on the campus, helping create the Engineering and Information Technology Centre and supporting redevelopment of buildings across the campus.

And we can expect the face of the University of Manitoba to change dramatically over the next few years thanks to two significant events. In 2007 the university acquired the 120-acre Southwood Golf Course property directly adjacent to the Fort Garry Campus. The new land will provide the university with room to grow in the future and will help it create a true university community with increased housing for students and faculty.

Student Life

The University of Manitoba understands that your education goes beyond the classroom, that’s why you’ll have the chance to be more than just a student here.

At the U of M you have the opportunity to be a leader on a student committee, a journalist for the student-run Manitoban newspaper, a performer at the Black Hole Theatre Company, a DJ for the campus radio station, a spirited fan at a Bisons sports game, or a youth leader at a summer Mini-U camp. With over 100 student organizations, clubs, and recreational activities to choose from the University of Manitoba has something to offer you!

Student Housing

Living in Rez is a great way to experience the U of M. There’s lots to do when you need a break. Plenty of quiet places to go when you have to study. And wherever you live, you’ll be steps away from all your classes (hit that snooze button one more time!). You can choose the residence that matches your interests and needs so you’ll have a lot in common with your neighbours. Fun stuff, serious times, and great friends. You’ll find it all living in Rez…plus you won’t ever have to worry about what’s for dinner!

You’ll ease into university life in no time. You’ll know your way around campus and see lots of familiar faces. For now, feel free to nose around the place and take a peek at life in residence.

Each year, over 1,200 students get the full benefit of the university experience by living in residence. Check out some Cool Rooms in Rez…….here.

Each residence has its own unique atmosphere based on the interests of the students who live there. But wherever you live, you can expect these standard features:

  • furnished rooms (includes bed, desk, chair, and bookshelf)
  • meal plans
  • study space
  • lounges with TVs and DVD players
  • in-house laundry facilities
  • storage space for luggage and personal effects
  • rooms wired for telephone
  • free high-speed Internet
  • reserved parking (available through Parking Services).

Sport and Active Living

Bison Sport and Active Living (BSAL) within the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management compliments the academic programs of the University by providing opportunities for personal development and balance in academic and community life, outreach with respect to community access to wellness programs and professional development through practical training opportunities. It is made up of Bison Sports, Bison Children’s Programs, Bison Recreation Services, Bison Athletic Therapy Centre and Bison Athletic / Recreation Facilities.

Bison Athletic Facilities ensure that users have access to a variety of athletic facilities and equipment to provide a safe, enjoyable and educational experience.

The Bison Athletic Therapy Centre provides services for students, staff, faculty and the community as well as clinic placement opportunities for students in the Athletic Therapy Degree program.

Bison Sports provides inter-university sport opportunities for students.

The Bison Children’s Programs offer creative and education camps and aquatic programs to the community as well as training opportunities for students.

Bison Recreation Services involves the campus and external community in programs that promote wellness and quality of life.

Want to see and learn more about the University of Manitoba? Take a Virtual Campus Tour.

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