Mount Allison University

Mount Allison University

Mount Allison University, a campus of extraordinary beauty, is nestled on the Tantramar marshes in the picture-perfect town of Sackville in the province of New Brunswick, also known across Canada as the picture-perfect province. But Mount Allison has more claims to fame than beauty alone. It offers five degrees to undergraduate students — Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Music, as well as some postgraduate degrees in science. Mount Allison encourages personalized combinations of courses and offers a very strong academic and extracurricular experience, one that we fondly refer to as Mount A plus.

Founded in 1839 by Charles Frederick Allison, Mount Allison has a rich history but has always kept an eye squarely on the future. Mount Allison was one of the first universities in the country to introduce a completely wireless campus and has had a lot of other “firsts” as well.

Mount Allison was the first university in the British Empire to confer a bachelor’s degree to a woman, Grace Annie Lockhart, who earned a Bachelor of Science in 1875. It was also the first university to grant a Bachelor of Arts degree to a woman — Harriet Starr Stewart. Mary Electa Adams (1823-1898), who taught at Mount Allison, paved the way for women’s access to Canadian universities.

Mount Allison has the oldest university art gallery in Canada — the Owens Art Gallery, which opened in 1895 and has a permanent collection of more than 3,000 works, including paintings and sketches by the Group of Seven. Noted Canadian artists such as Alex Colville, Christopher Pratt, Mary Pratt, John Hammond, Lawren P. Harris, Tom Forrestall, and Ted Pulford, whose works are also featured in the gallery and around campus, are all former Mount A faculty members and/or alumni.

Arts and Culture

The Owens Art Gallery is the oldest university art gallery in Canada, opened to the public in 1895. Our objectives are to provide a wide range of professional visual arts programming to Mount Allison University’s students, staff and alumni, and to serve as a significant, integral component of a liberal arts education. At the same time the Gallery is actively integrated into the wider cultural landscape locally, nationally and internationally.

The Owens is a place where you will encounter lively, innovative artwork, discover your own history, meet artists, engage with your community, and have fun.

The Windsor Theatre is a flexible black-box studio production space that serves as the primary laboratory facility for the Drama Studies Programme at Mount Allison University. As such, it is the centre of informed, guided, process-driven theatre production on the campus. The facility is dedicated to learning and teaching about all aspects of drama and theatre through an approach that features creative problem solving in a structured, safe, and well-equipped environment.

Participation in Drama Studies productions and events in the Windsor Theatre is open to all members of the Mount Allison community, whether or not they are studying Drama formally, providing a unique opportunity for development of theatre skills in an environment energized and informed by the work of students Majoring or Minoring in Drama Studies.

The Mount Allison Performing Arts Series offers both variety and exceptional quality as we bring you some of Canada’s most celebrated performers in the areas of classical music, dance, folk, world music, and jazz.

Athletics and Recreation

The intramural program consists of various sporting activities in which teams or individuals participate according to interest and ability level. There are both structured leagues and one-day events or tournaments. These activities are open to currently enrolled students at Mount Allison. For each sport, students may only play on one team list.

Programs are divided into 3 divisions:

  1. Men: 2 leagues – Gold (most competitive) and Garnet (less competitive)
  2. Women
  3. Coed.

Most of the league sports have teams who register from within their intramural unit. Each residence is its own intramural unit, although, depending on the size of the residence there may be instances where one residence may combine with another for particular activities. Town students also comprise a unit and have the same privileges as a residence unit.

The residence units are (both men and women): Windsor, Bennett, Bigelow, Edwards, Harper, Thornton, Hunton and Campbell.

Mount Allison invites you to come and join the fun – make it part of your university experience!! Intramurals provide a relief from the stress and strain of daily academic commitments, the opportunity to develop or maintain personal fitness and well-being, as well as the chance to meet new friends.

Mount Allison supports a variety of competitive club sport programs. Normally these programs are generated by student interest. The structure involves student leadership and, if merited, assistance is provided by the Department of Physical Recreation and Athletics.

Some of the active sport club programs on campus are men’s rugby, women’s rugby, cross country, golf, lacrosse, men’s volleyball, frisbee, men’s ice hockey, figure skating, and precision skating. The majority of these programs have had competitive opportunities against colleges, universities, and senior teams in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Research and Creative Activity

Faculty and student researchers are engaged in exploration and creation in a wide variety of disciplines. For more information about research at Mount Allison, please see our research centres, The Campus Scholar, and our strategic research plan.

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