Université de Moncton (Campus de Moncton)

University of Moncton (Photo: Bouchecl)

Université de Moncton (Campus de Moncton)

Université de Moncton is Canada’s largest French-language university outside Québec. The university’s three campuses are located in New Brunswick’s francophone regions at Edmundston, Shippagan and Moncton.

Université de Moncton offers 160 study programs, including 45 at the master’s degree level and four at the doctorate level. Fields of study include administration, arts, education, engineering, forestry, law, nursing, nutrition, psychology, sciences, social work, etc. More than 35 research centers, chairs, and institutes have been established over the years.

The student population originates mainly from New Brunswick but also from almost all countries of the Francophonie internationale. The university benefits from many exchange programs and institutional agreements supporting student mobility at the international level. Numerous international internships are made available to students every year. Université de Moncton is one of the few francophone universities in Canada that offer international students the opportunity to work and study at the masters level.

Over 6,200 students are enrolled at Université de Moncton. They benefit from a personalized teaching style with quality that can only be provided in a medium-sized university. With one of the lowest faculty-student ratios in the country, exchanges between the professors and students and the overall quality of learning are enhanced.

The Moncton campus accommodates more than 4000 students full time and some 600 part time. They come from everywhere – Canada and forty countries. The campus is located minutes from downtown Moncton, one of the cities experiencing the greatest growth in Canada.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Scholarships and Financial Aid site offers a wealth of information, whether on a student loan, the student budget, the scholarships for prospective students, the scholarships for current students or funds to repair. The team is at your service if you wish to speak with a member of the team for more details or clarification.

Remember to check the General Index of scholarships there may be scholarships for which you can apply. The Index contains information of scholarships offered by organizations willing to provide us information about their scholarships. This is by no means an exhaustive list of scholarships available to students. The site Boursetudes.com also provides a wealth of information on scholarships available to Canadian students.

Student Residences

The Campus de Moncton has 509 rooms available for students in studios and university apartments. If you are admitted to the University of Moncton for the first time during your first year, you can benefit from the guaranteed housing program.

To help you choose the mode of university accommodation which suits you better, please see the Housing Department.

Clubs and Associations

The many clubs and associations give you the opportunity to meet friends who share your interests in fields as diverse as environment, student politics and chess.

Arts and Culture

A host of cultural activities are presented: variety shows, recitals, film, theater and improvisation. If you are an artist, the university scene is an ideal place to showcase your talents.

Sports and Recreation

To maintain the shape and balance of life, sports facilities are impressive to you. You can join recreational leagues and even become proud holders colors of the University of Moncton in the circuit universities.

Conferences and Public Interest Activities

Learn about conferences, debates, seminars, workshops and other public interest activities presented at the Campus regularly checking the calendar of events.

Want to see and learn more about the Université de Moncton? Take a Virtual Tour.

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