Dominican University College

Dominican University College

The Dominican University College is heir to a long tradition of teaching philosophy and theology that dates back to the 13th century. While remaining true to its origins, it positions itself at the forefront of philosophical and theological thought. What students find at the Dominican University College is an exceptional environment, committed teachers, personalized teaching and an ambiance that favours discussion and the exchange of ideas.

The college values intellectual rigour, offers excellent student supervision, and a vast culture of knowledge that allows in depth exploration of both philosophy and theology.

Students from all over the country and from abroad come to the College to live this unique study experience, which will allow them to progress in their career, but also to develop as individuals.

The College is located downtown, in a lively, multi-ethnic area, a few minutes from Parliament Hill and all services. It is close to the Transitway, a fast bus system that allows for moving around the city quickly. The Gatineau Park is 15 minutes away, with its lakes, lookouts and 200km of hiking and cross country trails.


In 1260, forty-five years after the foundation of the Dominican Order by Dominique de Guzman, the studium generale was established, a model for a university specialised in philosophy and theology that will last centuries.

In 1900, the Dominicans brought their school of theology to Ottawa, followed shortly by studies in philosophy in 1902. In 1967, a civil charter was granted by the Ontario Government, allowing the College to offer civil degrees in philosophy and theology.

Since then, the College has grown regularly, especially with the opening of English undergraduate programmes in philosophy in 1992 and in theology in 2003. The College offers English graduate degrees in philosophy since 1997, and will soon offer the same in theology.


The Dominican Community of Ottawa provides male students over a dozen rooms. For the 2009-2010 school year, the cost for room and board is $850 per month, for a total of $6800 for the 8 month school year period.

Conditions of admission into campus housing:

  • Full time Dominican University College student
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Initial payment of $900 (fully refundable if the admitted student does not register).


The faculty of the Department of Philosophy at the Dominican University College (D.U.C) have diverse research and wide-ranging research interests in the history of philosophy, metaphysics and modern philosophy. The DUC, with its traditional origins in the House of Studies of the Friar Preachers of St. Dominic, is particularly well situated and established to promote advanced research studies in the history of philosophy. The medieval tradition, with its overarching synthesis in the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas Aquinas, requires a solid grounding in the ancient philosophies of Plato, Aristotle and the Neo-Platonists. The Department encourages and often conducts research in the original languages of the ancient authors. Faculty members are continually engaged in scholarly studies which demonstrate the relevance of ancient philosophy to understanding the modern world.

Equally, the classical traditions of early modern rationalism and empiricism provide important precedents for the understanding of modernity. Faculty members have engaged in the study of Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz. The other great precedent for modernity is German Idealism, wherein the philosophies of Kant and Hegel provided the foundation for modern inquiries into epistemology, ethics, aesthetics, politics and jurisprudence. The College not only encourages the specialized study of individual philosophers in these traditions, but also promotes the articulation of significant connections between various philosophers and schools of thought. Speculative inquiry into the meaning of the philosophical tradition as a whole is a mode of reflection widely promoted by faculty members.

Student Association

The Students’ Association (AECDO) elects its representatives who sit on the boards of the Faculty of Philosophy and of the Faculty of Theology. It organizes and directs various activities (extracurricular, social justice committee, social gatherings…) pertaining to student life.


Thanks to the Faculty of Philosophy, students have earned a right to practice soccer at a local sports center & gym. Help free your inner Beckham or Messi and come play with us! Here is the official release!


Following our annual tradition, the College provides you with information on the SOPAR project in India.

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