Redeemer University College

Redeemer University College

Redeemer University College is an undergraduate Christian liberal arts and science university committed to academic excellence and to enabling students to discover their unique gifts and callings in life. Situated in Ancaster, Ontario, our campus provides a beautiful environment in which to study and learn.  For 25 years, we have been enjoying theatre events, concerts, art exhibitions, sporting events, and lecture series as well as conferring degrees and diplomas.  At Redeemer, there is always something happening to challenge the mind and the senses, and to bring glory to God.

Redeemer is also recognized for the scholarship and creative activity of their qualified faculty and the interesting and engaging academic, artistic, athletic, musical and theatrical events that we sponsor as part of our mission of Christ-centred teaching, research and service to the wider community.

Our academic programs in the fine arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences, as well as in business and teacher education, are taught in the context of a commitment to a comprehensive vision of Christ’s lordship and redemptive work. We seek to give expression to this commitment in all the programs and support services of the university.

Small classes and a low student-faculty ratio allow students to be mentored by faculty. Experiential and cooperative education programs enrich the educational experience, while off-campus programs allow students to experience different cultures. Professional and dedicated staff encourage student development in a variety of co-curricular programs.

Student Housing

Why live on campus at Redeemer?  Because it is a close, convenient and connected community of students situated on a beautiful 90-acre campus. Redeemer’s unique approach to on campus life offers you three styles of residence to choose from:

Student Activities

Get involved! If you are interested in shaping the Redeemer experience for yourself and others, check out the Activities Calendar to participate in various events at Redeemer throughout the year. To take your involvement to another level, check out Student Senate and learn how you can help initiate, organize and lead these exciting events or how you can form and sustain vibrant clubs.

Express yourself! There are plenty of opportunities at Redeemer for you to share and develop your creative gifts. Take a look at the Arts & Culture section for more information about theatre, music and art productions, or explore how you could contribute to our student publications.

Make a difference! Redeemer offers a wide variety of rewarding leadership and service opportunities, both on campus and in the broader community. The prayer & worship section focuses on opportunities for spiritual nourishment, and on local and international outreach initiatives.

Want to find out more? Be sure to attend Club Showcase! Every September, Redeemer hosts Club Showcase, an opportunity to get information on all the different clubs and activities – a perfect way to discover how you can become involved!


Being a Redeemer Royal means so much more than just playing a game: it means becoming a person of character and living out your faith on and off the court.  Becoming a varsity athlete at Redeemer provides a great opportunity to prepare for servant leadership in all areas of life while learning the benefits of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

If you are competitive and highly skilled, and are looking to get involved at a high energy level, Redeemer’s varsity sports are for you.  With practices three times a week (on average), and your own personal strength training and conditioning, you will focus as a team on skill development, team tactics, and a strong mental approach to the game.  The Royals’ coaches are men and women dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with integrity, passion, and commitment.

Redeemer offers you five varsity sports which compete in the Ontario College’s Athletic Association (OCAA):

  • Men’s & Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s & Women’s Indoor and Outdoor Soccer
  • Men’s & Women’s Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Badminton (Coming 2009-2010 Season).

At Redeemer University College, our success stems from having the best quality coaches use the best team management practices available.  Student-athletes can expect to work hard on and off the playing field to develop the gifts that God has given them.  In addition to improving athletic skill, we maintain a constant focus on character development through sport in the areas of leadership training as well as spiritual and social growth.  Our programs allow for a healthy balance in life that is essential in the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence.

Art and Culture

At Redeemer, we know that the arts collectively shape our faith and culture. We value the essential role of the arts in our Christian calling of cultural stewardship. For this reason, the artistic community at Redeemer has become a home for many artists, musicians, poets, and performers.

Vibrant and dynamic, the Redeemer community has taken a lead role in both participation in and support of the arts. Each semester we host a variety of performances in the categories of Music, Art, Poetry, and Theatre.

Redeemer welcomes the public to enjoy our events. From theatre productions and concerts to poetry reading and art exhibitions, we are excited to share the artistic endeavors of both students and visiting artists with the greater community.

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