Saint Paul University

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Saint Paul University

Small classes, high quality programs and a pleasant environment, Saint Paul University offers an alternative to large Canadian universities. Established in 1848 and federated with the University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University is now comprised of four faculties: Human Sciences, Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law. Our programs in 19 disciplines, range from undergraduate to doctoral level and are taught by internationally renowned professors.

Saint Paul University is also home to several specialized and research centres. These centres conduct world-class research and their presence on campus enriches student life with an ambiance of and quest for higher learning and excellence in their field of expertise.

At the heart of Canada’s Capital, Saint Paul University student population benefits from all Ottawa’s attraction: large libraries, national museums, research centres, and international events.


The origin of Saint Paul University dates back to September 26, 1848, when “The College of Bytown” was founded by Bishop Joseph-Eugène Guigues, O.M.I., who in 1856 officially entrusted the College to the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

In 1861 the College of Bytown was renamed “College of Ottawa” and on August 1866, was granted university status by the Government of the Union of Canada. By letters of Leo XIII, dated February 5, 1889, the College of Ottawa was granted the pontifical charter.

To meet the requirements of Pius XI’s Ap-ostolic Constitution, Deus Scientiarum Dominus, on the reorganization of Catholic universities, the administration revised its pontifical charter which was subsequently approved by Rome on November 15, 1934. The civil charter, which had been rewritten, was approved on April 18, 1933 by the Ontario Provincial Legislature and the University was henceforth officially known as “University of Ottawa”.

At Saint Paul University, your student experience will be…

Of Quality

Established in 1848 and federated with the University of Ottawa, which means that our degrees are jointly conferred, Saint Paul University boasts a tradition of and a commitment to academic excellence. Our programs — in 16 disciplines, ranging from undergraduate to the doctorate level — are taught by internationally renowned professors. The high quality of our teaching has adapted over time to better suit the needs and interests of the students.


Recent studies show that employers are increasingly interested in people who have been trained to think and understand subtle and complex problems, to come up with creative solutions that they can communicate to others. All programs at Saint Paul University are geared toward the acquisition of a broad range of fundamental competencies: moral and critical thinking, sound judgment, and global-mindedness (understanding and showing an interest in other cultures and getting along with diverse groups of people). You will discover and develop your full potential so that you are prepared to offer practical and insightful analyses of real-world problems.


The diversity of the student body at Saint Paul University makes for a distinctive environment. You will evolve in a bilingual, multi-cultural, multi-faith, and “all-age” range setting. With over 30 countries represented among our student population, the development of cross-cultural friendships among the members of the University community is one of many treasured opportunities found at Saint Paul University. As a Catholic institution of inclusive and universal nature, Saint Paul University is open to other religions, and wishes to favour interreligious dialogue.


Consisting of two interrelated buildings, Guigues Hall and Laframboise Hall, the campus provides a safe and pleasant environment – a unique alternative to larger Canadian universities. Surrounded by beautifully kept grounds, the greenery found on the campus evokes a sense of tranquillity conducive to study.


With a ratio of 1:12, professors can devote their full attention to students and their learning. At Saint Paul University, there is room for discussion. Faculty encourage lively debate, critical thinking, and a detailed examination of ideas.

With a student population of less than 1,000, students at Saint Paul are referred to by name. Personalized service to students is a unique characteristic of the University. Academic and administrative staff are easily accessible and approachable.


According to the Canadian Federation of Students, “the cost of attending university is the chief determinant in whether or not a Canadian is going to attend university.” Saint Paul University’s tuition fees are among the lowest in Ontario. Plus, students are eligible for admission scholarships and bursaries.

A new residence on campus opened its doors in September 2005. The residence can accommodate 187 students and offers many services.

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