Trent University

A view across the Otonabee river (Photo: Chris Sanderson)

Trent University

Trent University provides an exceptional learning environment where students earn a respected degree. Bright, articulate students seek Trent – and when they graduate, they’re ready to make a difference in the world. A young, innovative University, Trent was founded in 1964 on the belief that learning is an individual, life-long pursuit – and that student choice, flexibility, and the opportunity for interdisciplinary study are part of a high quality post-secondary education. These key principles continue to define Trent’s unique character today.

Inclusive and innovative, with a focus on the individual student, Trent is known for its supportive community environment and emphasis on global perspectives. A Trent education provides the intellectual tools and social awareness to become a successful professional and an active citizen of the world.

A hip place to live, Peterborough has the energy and resources that make it a great university town. With a population of just under 80,000, the City of Peterborough is big enough to offer plenty of things to do, but small enough that it’s friendly and easy to navigate.

Trent University is in Central Ontario in a vacation area known as the Kawarthas – the “Land of Shining Waters” – famous for its beautiful lakes and water recreation. We’re just 90-minutes from Toronto, three hours from Ottawa, and five hours from Montreal.

Arts and Culture

Peterborough is a vibrant, multicultural community with more than 140 arts and culture organizations, including a 700-seat theatre, art galleries, museums, historic sites and other performance spaces.

On our campus alone, you’ll find the Wenjack Theatre and Nozhem First Peoples Performance Space with live theatre, dance and music. Trent also brings famous people to campus to lecture and perform—luminaries such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Canadian authors Alistair MacLeod and Jann Martel and jazz vocalist Diana Panton.

The Music Scene

Peterborough has a thriving music scene, including rock, folk, ska, blues and hip hop. Every year a host of bands—famous and those with cult followings–bring the city to life. Music festivals such as the September Downtown Jazz Festival also attract big name headliners.

Shops and Boutiques

Peterborough – with its many shops, stores and boutiques – has everything from vintage and green clothing to the latest in electronics. You can browse for treasures amongst the stacks in “booksellers’ row,” purchase handmade candles or soaps, hunt for beads from India, buy organic produce at the Farmer’s Market, or spend Saturday afternoon at one of the malls.

Places to Eat

Peterborough has a phenomenal restaurant scene. More than 70 restaurants that include Mexican, Indian, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Thai, Belgian, and new-world cuisine are located downtown in the happening Bistro District.

Residence and Housing

Trent University is one of the rare universities in Canada to offer a residential experience modeled after Oxford University’s college system.

What does that mean exactly?

We give you the choice of living in one of six “colleges.” Colleges are more than residence halls, they are intellectual and social communities — like distinct neighborhoods — which combine student housing, programs (films, speakers, concerts, dances, dinners and more) dining facilities, faculty offices and classrooms —all in one building.

By organizing the campus this way, we have developed a system that promotes a deep sense of community. Not only will you have the chance to develop close friendships with fellow residents, but you will also get to know the professors and staff members who work and eat in your building.

Student Services

Trent University offers a wide range of services to help you thrive in our community. From health care and personal counseling to career planning, tutoring and disability services, we provide a wide range of programs to help make your life at Trent as productive and pleasant as it can be.

Student Life and Athletics

From your very first visit, you’ll see that a strong spirit of participation is deeply engrained at Trent. It’s a place where you’ll feel supported and challenged. At Trent, winning is not a solitary victory, but rather a sense of pride that belongs to the entire University community.

Taking part in life outside the classroom complements the time spent on academics. Trent is a University that provides the comfortable, positive environment for you to challenge yourself to reach higher and go further than you ever imagined you could.

Participation is huge at Trent. Whether you play a varsity sport, use the athletics facilities, take part in Trent aquatics, or attend our Health in Motion clinic, there’s so much to keep you active at Trent. And even if organized sports aren’t your thing, everyone has a chance to have fun through intramurals and campus recreation activities.

Another aspect of life at Trent is the fact that every student has a voice. Open dialogue and diverse opinions are the norm, creating the ideal environment for learning and growth. Through the Trent Central Student Association and so many other unique clubs and organizations, you can develop your interests and let your true talents shine.

At Trent, if you don’t see a club or organization that interests you, we encourage you to start one. Administration is extremely receptive new student-run clubs and groups that enhance the university experience.

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