University of Trinity College

University of Trinity College

Trinity College is one of the smallest, most intimate and most highly regarded colleges on the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto. On behalf of the university, the College sponsors three interdisciplinary undergraduate programs: International Relations; Immunology; and Ethics, Society, and Law. Trinity’s Faculty of Divinity is Canada’s oldest Anglican theological school.

The College’s current Provost is Dr. Andy Orchard, former director of the Centre for Medieval Studies in the University of Toronto and a specialist in ancient languages including Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse and Medieval Latin.

Trinity is renowned for its traditions – the gown-wearing and other activities that fascinate students at other colleges. However, these traditions are secondary to more important features of the community: its closeness, its diversity, and its strength.

Community in Residence

The residential community forms the core of a group of about 600 residents and non-residents who participate actively in the life of the College.

At most Canadian universities, first-year students move into residence in hope of making enough friends so they can move out in May and never return. At Trinity, the many upper-year students living in residence welcome new students into an established community.

Student Life

The Literary Institute, famous for its off-the-wall debates, is usually touted as the College’s foremost student organization, while The Trinity College Dramatic Society mounts such impressive productions as Shakespeare’s Pericles, Tom Stoppard’s Jumpers, Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus and Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit. The Dramatic Society has also launched a series of workshop plays written by students and an annual first-year Christmas play. Those with more esoteric tastes might try the Charcuterie Club or the James Bond Society, for example. There are dozens of student groups and activities including:

  • the Solid Gold Dancers who entertain twice a year;
  • the Trinity College Chapel Choir, under the direction of John Tuttle;
  • 20 intramural sports teams, including the famous Smashers (women’s) touch football squad;
  • a whirlwind of pubs, parties and formals;
  • Salterrae, the College newspaper;
  • a bi-annual review of poetry, prose, art and photography;
  • a film club;
  • an AIDS committee;
  • an International Relations Society;
  • an environmental committee.

See the list of student organizations to find something you’re interested in.

Students Have Influence

Trinity students have almost complete control of student funds and a lot of influence over College rules. Instead of a student council, each Trinity student has one vote at the College Meeting. This body convenes four or five times a year to grant money to clubs, run elections for student positions, and make recommendations on College life in general. Disciplinary issues are decided by a student-run disciplinary committee. The student heads run student life in the College on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that pubs, parties, College meetings and other events take place.

Trinity offers a strong community for its students, whatever their sex, race, culture or sexual orientation. Many students are fully engaged in Trinity life, but for others, Trinity is just a jumping-off point for the University and its Varsity sports teams or newspapers or debating societies. Whatever your interests, you will benefit from the strength and energy of the Trinity community.

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