Victoria University

Victoria University

Victoria University in the University of Toronto is a diverse community of students, academics, administrators, alumni and support staff. We have a tradition of welcoming those with varied backgrounds and skills and of treating them fairly and equitably.

At Victoria College you will discover the best of all worlds – the academic advantages of Canada’s leading university, the rich diversity of a big city and the close-knit social and intellectual community of a small liberal arts college. Students and faculty come to Victoria to study and live in an intellectual community that values academic excellence and dedication to public service.

Following its federation with the University of Toronto, Victoria University moved in 1892 from Cobourg, Ont., to its present location on the U of T’s St. George campus.

As a federated university, Victoria University has its own administration, faculty and governing body, independent of the University of Toronto, including a Chancellor, President and Board of Regents.

Campus Life

Residence Life

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