Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

Pavillon entrance of Albert Tessier and Léon Provancher (Photo: Khayman)

Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

The Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières is located halfway between Montréal and Québec (an hour and a half’s drive in either direction from Trois-Rivières). One of the university’s most attractive features its a relaxed, informal atmosphere in which students and professors work together closely in teaching and research activities.

The university offers its 11,000 students a quiet, pleasant environment including a large campus with plenty of green open spaces. It also assures them a first-rate education through the dedication and specialized skills of the professors and the availability of advanced techniques. At UQTR, learning and research involve the same hard work as anywhere else – but under far more pleasant conditions.

For the students who don’t speak French, it is recommended that they register for the French Immersion School of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. A short class with the FIS will help them to integrate into their other classes.

Multidisciplinary Study Programs

The university offers 39 post-graduate programs including 32 masters’ degrees and 12 doctorates, all supported by major research units.

In the field of management science, there are two masters’ degrees in project management and small business administration and a doctorate in applied administration. These programs are backed by the Research Group on Small Businesses and by Bombardier Sea-Doo/Ski-Doo.

A number of research units, such as the Research Group in Industrial Electronics, the Hydro-Quebec Investigating Team on Effective Electrothermal Processes and the Pulp and Paper Research Centre complement and support teaching activities.

In the field of engineering, masters’ degrees are available in industrial engineering, industrial health and safety, electrical engineering and the science of pulp and paper.

Six masters’ degrees are offered in the sciences: biophysics, chemistry, physics, experimental health science, applied mathematics and computing science, and environmental studies. The purpose of these programs is to train research students who can then go on to do a doctorate in biophysics or energy and materials science at the same university.

With regard to literature and the social sciences, masters’ degrees are offered in education, French literature, Quebec studies, philosophy, psychology, theology, psychoeducation, physical fitness and tourism and recreation. Doctorates are also available in education, Quebec studies, philosophy and psychology. These programs are supported by several research units such as those on literary diaries, child and family development, gerontology, experimental and comparative neuropsychology, analytical psychology and by an interuniversity Centre for Quebec Studies.

Student Housing

Apartment-style housing is available on campus. The residences are located in pleasant, country-like surroundings and can accommodate more than 800 students. Rent is approximately $280 CDN per month per student.


UQTR is strongly committed to excellence in research. Research teams are grouped into some twenty units working in pulp and paper, membrane biotechnology, photobiophysics, industrial electronics, dielectrics and small business administration.

The HydrogenInstitute, the only one of its kind in the province of Quebec, has as its goal the development of scientific and technological knowledge concerning the storage, transportation and safe utilization of hydrogen.

Sports and Recreation

At UQTR, sports are a way of life. Three Rivers campus not only offers modern sports facilities and recent, but also curriculum for those who choose a career in this field.

The Department of Human Physical Activity offers four programs of Bachelor and a Master with or without memory. Orientation physical activity and health, basic training offered, gives our program a unique style. The scientific and professional training is focused entirely on physical activity as the preferred means of prevention and promotion of individual and collective health. And to go to practice, as well as to meet the needs of athletes of the university community, UQTR counting on the dynamism of CAPS: The Center for Physical Activity and Sport.

If you like to move and enjoy physical activity for the benefits it brings on various plans, there is no doubt that CAPS will become a place for you must. In this infrastructure added experienced staff, assisted by over 125 students who have done the same opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

UQTR therefore provides an environment conducive to the development of sports culture. Consider including the campus, heavily wooded, which is crossed by a bicycle path and becomes trail skiing in winter.

For most developed talents, Patriots, are the ambassadors of our university and bring together nearly 120 student-athletes who proudly represent the UQTR in golf in the Quebec network as well as hockey, swimming and soccer in the Canadian network.

In 1995, the University opened a new sports complex comprising an Olympic swimming pool as well as exercise and muscle-building equipment. In addition, there are paths for walking and a 10-kilometer cycling track going through the campus woods.

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