Université du Québec - École Nationale d'Administration Publique

Université du Québec – École Nationale d’Administration Publique

Born of a desire for an institution of higher learning in public administration in Québec, ENAP is the public administration university. Its mission is to contribute to the development of public administration both theoretically and in practice.

ENAP divides its mission into four broad areas: training, services to organizations, research, and services offered in partnership. In carrying out this mission, ENAP seeks to set the standard for public administration in Québec.

ENAP offers graduate study programs that are at once adapted to the needs of individuals and public organizations and designed to meet the objectives set out by universities and professional bodies. They may be taken part time or full time in Québec City or Montréal and in most cases at all three satellite campuses, in Gatineau, Trois-Rivières, and Saguenay.

ENAP is for both practicing professionals and young undergraduates looking to make a career as public administration analysts or advisors. There are courses to suit everyone. ENAP also offers 12 short 15 credit courses for those looking to take things one step at a time. There are also special training courses for federal public service managers. Find out more at www.etudiants.enap.ca

The Université du Québec – École Nationale d’Administration Publique was created in 1969 to give Quebec an institution of higher education dedicated to the field of public administration and contribute to its development both as a field of knowledge and as a field practice. ENAP is one of nine universities in the network of the University of Quebec.

The headquarters of the Université du Québec – École Nationale d’Administration Publique is located in Quebec in the St. Roch neighborhood in the heart of the new downtown. The school is bordered by St-Roch garden and is close to bars, restaurants and transportation.

The building is new ENAP and houses an auditorium with 200 seats, modern and comfortable classrooms and computer labs equipped with advanced technology and room video conferencing. The library is vast and spacious, integrated network of libraries at the University of Quebec.

Academic Programs

ENAP offers 2nd and 3rd cycle programs of study that the university has adapted to the needs of both individuals and public organizations.

The course is aimed at two main audiences: managers in office and the new baccalaureate graduates who opt for a career as an analyst or consultant in public administration. Everyone can find a program suitable to their profile.

Student Profile

  • Public managers at all levels and professionals in a management position
  • The graduates of the 1st cycle from university faculties of social, political, administrative, human
  • The staff of public and private networks of health, education and the municipal.

Diverse Faculty

Staff education and research has about forty people from various sources, having studied at major universities in Europe and North America. This team is supplemented by lecturers and associate professors and guests holding a solid experience in public management, are often senior officials of the governments of Quebec and Canada. They bring extensive experience in the practice of public administration.


  • The development of research at ENAP placed on the creation of centers of excellence, bringing together teachers around fields of expertise. Several clusters of expertise and research chairs have thus emerged.
  • The Center for Public Administration
  • Laboratory study on public policies and globalization (LEPPM)
  • The Center’s research and evaluation expertise (CREXE)
  • The Chair’s Capital Leadership in the Public Sector
  • The Research Center on Governance (CERGO)
  • The Bell Chair in technology and work organization
  • The Task Force on Public Policy and Health (GÉPPS).

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