Université du Québec : Télé-Université (TELUQ)

Université du Québec : Télé-Université (TELUQ)

The TÉLUQ is the first and only university fully remote Quebec. Since its inception in 1972, she has continued to enrich its offer that is available today in more than 360 courses and 75 programs at all academic levels in key areas of knowledge. The TÉLUQ recorded to date almost one million registrations in its courses and programs.

At a glance, TÉLUQ is:

The Open University, UQAM

  • 360 courses and 75 programs at three levels of studies (Bachelor, Master and PhD) Diploma of UQAM
  • Some 18,000 students per year, of which 80% are in the labor market and 93% study part-time
  • 25,000 graduates to date
  • Strong national and international partnerships
  • An annual budget of $36.2 million (2008-2009).

A Unique Study Formula

  • A personalized educational support
  • Educational materials developed by a multidisciplinary team
  • Modern tools for dissemination and communication
  • A framework for flexible learning.

An Educational Team Serving 18,000 Students

  • 8 research professors and senior recognition
  • 60 specialists in pedagogy and multimedia publishing
  • 19 coordinators coaching
  • 60 Tutors (1st Cycle)
  • 58 charged with supervision (2nd Cycle).

A Dynamic Research Environment

  • The research activities of our faculty and researchers primarily revolves around the following strategic priority areas: distance education and computer learning, and societal challenges of the knowledge economy. Added to the work of many teachers in their own field of expertise.

A Network of Help and Mentoring

Maximum Benefits

  • Registration at any time
  • The opportunity to study full-time or part-time at your own pace
  • The recognition of (the previous training and experience)
  • The possibility of reconciling work and family studies
  • The ability to follow the course of your choice, almost all are not quota.

A Department of Language Testing (SALT)

  • For individuals
  • For companies and organizations
  • For universities and school boards.

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