Luther College

Luther College

Luther College at the University of Regina offers students the personal interaction and support of a small community as well as the opportunities and resources of the entire University of Regina. Founded by Lutherans, Luther College welcomes students of all backgrounds.

The college offers undergraduate courses in Arts, Fine Arts and Science, advising and registration services, and a residence with single dorm-style rooms for 219 students. Our classes, library, chapel, food services and student lounge areas are open to any U of R student.

If you are planning to study Arts, Fine Arts, Science or pre-professional programs, you can register through Luther College. As a Luther student you are a fully qualified U of R student and will receive a U of R degree upon graduation. While at University, our staff and faculty will assist you with excellent teaching, assistance with registration, extra scholarships, campus ministry and a warm community you can belong to.


As a university professor, Martin Luther valued education. While the Lutheran church always insisted on the education of its clergy, Luther felt that education was important for all people. It was his hope that through education, each person would be able to serve God more fully in all aspects of life. Lutheran settlers around Melville, Saskatchewan were inspired by Luther’s principles for education. Existing schools in Saskatchewan were few and far between and did not adequately prepare students for university. The Lutheran Church also needed educated ministers and teachers in Western Canada. These needs motivated the settlers to set up a Christian school. Luther Academy was to provide high quality education in a Christian context.

In 1910, a board was formed to evaluate the possibility of a Lutheran school. Between May and November of 1913, a three-story brick school was constructed on the outskirts of Melville. Funded entirely by donations, the school cost $22,000. It consisted of dorms for 32 male students, three classrooms, a library, and a kitchen and dining area. The impressive building provided a home for the strong faculty and academic program. Melville was also the beginning of a commitment to athletic and music programs, and of a community of students and teachers living, learning, and worshipping together. Under the direction of principal Henry Schmit, Luther Academy opened on January 5, 1914, with 32 male students registered for classes.

When Luther Academy opened in 1913, 32 male students enrolled for classes. Female students were first accepted seven years later, in the fall of 1920. Though male students stayed on campus, there were no facilities for female students. Young women had to find alternative housing arrangements to attend the school. When the Melville school closed, six girls were taking classes. In the fall of 1926, with the opening of Luther College in Regina, several more young women enrolled. The new college included dormitories for both men and women. The first female faculty also joined Luther College in 1926. Miss Elsa Mees became the professor of mathematics and Miss Agnes Scheffler was the first Dean of Women. More recently, female alumni remember the fall of 1971 – the first year that women were permitted to wear “pantsuits” to school!

Student Housing

Imagine …

  • No residence application fees;
  • All cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping are taken care of for you;
  • No early morning rush hour to reach campus – you’re already there;
  • Living in a warm, friendly community with still enough space to be independent, with single occupancy rooms;
  • Never having to buy or move furniture of your own;
  • Flexible “all you care to eat” meal plans…
  • Luther College Residence no longer requires a residence application fee! Because Luther is a small campus, we do not have the same administrative costs as larger institutions, allowing us to pass on the savings to our residents.

Not to mention …

  • Classrooms, labs, and libraries are all located within a 10 to 15 minute walk of the residence; and
  • University-sponsored student activities are also easily accessible. In fact, the residence is situated beside the University of Regina’s brand new, state-of-the-art fitness and sport facility!

Living within Luther College Residence at the U of R, you will see that the university experience is more than attending classes and writing papers. Luther is a caring community where you are encouraged to work towards academic excellence, while making friendships that can last a lifetime and growing as an individual!

And remember …

  • Luther College Residence at the University of Regina offers rooms to 219 students;
  • Applications to the residence are accepted year-round – there is no deadline for applications;
  • The residence is open to all post-secondary students, including SIAST students on a first come, first served basis.

Leadership Opportunities

The Luther Leader Ambassador Program is a great way for Luther university and residence students to gain valuable volunteer experience while making new friends! Luther Leaders help promote the College to prospective students at Luther’s Check-Us-Out campus visits, information nights, and numerous special events.

Luther Leaders also have the opportunity to build their resume and gain a valuable reference for being part of this program as a volunteer.

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