St. Thomas More College

St. Thomas More College

Since 1936, St. Thomas More College has been helping students discover more about the world in which they live. We don’t simply teach classes, we assist our students as they become tomorrow’s leaders.

Located in the beautiful Canadian Prairies, St. Thomas More College is proud to be a Catholic, liberal arts college, federated with the University of Saskatchewan.

St. Thomas More College is a CATHOLIC college.

Founded by the Basilian Fathers in 1936, STM is the leading Catholic college in Western Canada. Students do not have to be Catholic to join STM or take STM classes. We don’t force religion on anybody, but we do believe it is important for our students to have an opportunity to integrate faith into their university careers. STM is the heart of Catholic community at the University of Saskatchewan, and the campus ministry team is vital to the development of the college community. STM is home to a beautiful chapel where Roman Catholic Mass is celebrated.

St. Thomas More College is a LIBERAL ARTS college.

While STM students may choose any major offered by the College of Arts and Sciences at the U of S, our teaching focus is the Liberal Arts. We offer classes in the humanities and social sciences. At some point in your degree, you will take a liberal arts class, or perhaps, many liberal arts classes, even if you are majoring in a natural science discipline or in a pre-professional program. Refer to our course calendar for a list of classes offered by the college.

St. Thomas More College is FEDERATED with the University of Saskatchewan.

While we maintain our own administration and receive our own provincial grants, we are academically integrated with the University of Saskatchewan. That means:

  • We offer on-campus U of S credit classes that students take as part of their U of S degrees.
  • Any on-campus student may take our classes, which are taught by STM professors.
  • STM professors are fully certified: they are members of the faculty of the College of Arts & Science and of University Council.
  • Any on-campus Arts and Science student may register through STM. (Such a student will become a self-identified STM student, but will still be an Arts & Science student at the U of S.)


The origins of St. Thomas More College go back to 1913 when Saskatoon Catholics first requested a Catholic college for the newly-established University of Saskatchewan. For a number of reasons, nothing came of the request until April 1926 when a group of Saskatoon Catholic laity formed a group called the Newman Society to work actively for the establishment of such a college. By September of that year, arrangements were in place for Fr. Dr. Basil Markle from the Archdiocese of Toronto to teach Scholastic Philosophy at the University of Saskatchewan and to serve as chaplain for the Catholic students. Newman Hall (“the white house”) was built in 1927 and the student Newman Club was formed in the fall of 1928.

In 1936, the long-awaited college was established by the Basilian Fathers of Toronto as a Catholic liberal arts college in federation with the University of Saskatchewan. At that time, the college was placed under the patronage of St. Thomas More, who had been canonized in 1935. The new college’s relationship with the university was modeled on that of St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. In its first year, 1936-37, St. Thomas More College had a teaching faculty of four, and a grand total of 39 students.

From 1937 until the mid-1960s, the faculty of the college was made up entirely of Basilian Fathers. With the continuing growth of the student body and the addition of a number of lay faculty, changes in the administrative structures and an enlargement of the college corporation were called for and these changes were introduced in 1971.

The present stone building was constructed in three stages between 1954 and 1969 and includes a chapel, library, cafeteria, auditorium, offices, classrooms and an art gallery. St. Thomas More College’s chapel is the home of a number of fine works of original art, including stained glass windows by Robert Rambusch and murals by Lionel Thomas and William Kurelek.

Student Housing

St. Thomas More College owns and operates a great co-ed student residence called Ogle Hall. Overlooking the South Saskatchewan River, Ogle Hall provides an excellent atmosphere for living, studying and experiencing community during the university years.

Located on the U of S campus, Ogle Hall is a smaller residence (50 spaces) that offers students a quiet place in which to live, as well as close proximity to the academic, social, recreational and cultural facilities and activities of both St. Thomas More College and the university.

Ogle Hall Features:

  • first-year students get private rooms
  • all Ogle Hall residents get free membership in the Newman Centre Catholic student club
  • all rooms have high speed internet access included in residence fees
  • non-smoking, non-drinking facility
  • big screen t.v. in the lounge area
  • recreation room with exercise equipment and ping pong table
  • large study room with several computers for student use and free laser printing
  • excellent food services.

Student Clubs

  • Development & Peace Just Youth offers students a chance to learn about global social justice and solidarity through public education, fundraising, and action campaigns.  Be the change you want to see in the world!
  • In Media Res is a liberal arts journal published twice a year by STM, includes fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, photography, and print art. Students may submit their work or get involved with the editorial board.
  • The Knights of Columbus – a Catholic, fraternal organization, encourages Catholic men—eighteen and older—to take part in charity, community service, and the protection of human dignity by joining the college council at STM. The council holds monthly meetings, arranges social events for members, and participates in community service activities.
  • Newman Centre is the Catholic club on campus—helps fulfill the social and spiritual needs of its members through coffeehouses, retreats, ecumenical suppers, dances, and other various events. Everyone is welcome, regardless of religious affiliation.
  • Newman Players, STM’s theatre group, welcomes students to take part in any aspect—such as acting, set design, lighting, sound, etc.—of their high calibre productions.
  • STM Pre-Education Club – If you are considering a career in education this group will allow you to get reliable advice on how to get into the college, how to be successful, and how to find employment upon graduation.  It also gives you the opportunity to network with other potential teachers and share your questions or concerns.
  • STM Pre-Law Club is designed for STM students who are planning on applying to the College of Law.  The club is a portal for students to get information about admission into the College of Law as well as information about Law careers.
  • St. Thomas More College Students’ Union is made up of an Executive and members-at-large, represents STM students and their views to the college and the greater campus community. All STM students are welcome to become involved, attend social functions, and access the free exam file (where previously used exams are stored).

Campus Ministry

The mission of Campus Ministry at St. Thomas More College is to serve and bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of:

  • Presence to the College and University,
  • Development of faith community,
  • Celebration of word and sacrament,
  • Empowerment to service, especially to the poor and marginalized.

Within the College, the team partners with the Newman Centre, STMSU, Development and Peace Just Youth Group, Knights of Columbus, as well as relating to the St. Thomas More Worshipping Community. STM Campus Ministry maintains strong professional connections with the Ukrainian Catholic Campus Ministry at Sheptytsky Institute, Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry (CCCM) and the Canadian Catholic Students’ Association (CCSA). Reporting directly to the President of the College, the Campus Ministry Team is also accountable to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Saskatoon for its pastoral activities.

Shannon Library

The collection of the Shannon Library at St. Thomas More College is designed to support undergraduate classes taught at the College. As such, it is an excellent source for materials in many disciplines in the Arts and Sciences, including English (especially Shakespeare, Chaucer and Victorian literature), History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, French (Canadiana), and Economics.

The collection includes 52,000 volumes, and 150 journals and magazines; most of these materials are not duplicated in the University Library. The STM Library catalogue is fully integrated with the U of S Library, and is available online.

Students, faculty, staff, and members of the public are welcome to use the Shannon Library.  See the Services section for more information on borrowing policies. The students working at the Circulation desk, and the Director, the Assistant, and the Technician in the STM Library office are pleased to assist library users.

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